Jason Carpenter: Playing Football In Europe

Senior linebacker Jason Carpenter
Senior linebacker Jason Carpenter

Former Leopard standout Jason Carpenter, who twice earned All-SCIAC honors in both 2007 and 2008, shares his thoughts on his new surroundings while playing professionally in Germany.

I'll tell you Germany is something else. I mean so much of everything is different but at the same time its all the same. The hardest part is figuring out what people are saying and what signs say.  For the most part though, when the find out you are from the States they try and speak English.  Everyone is really helpful though.  The coaches have been showing us around the town this whole week and showing us the place where we eat our dinners and lunches. Monday through Thursday we eat dinner at the sports bar at our stadium. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all different places. It's the same way with lunches too, so we have a vast variety to eat so fortunately it doesn't get repetitive. 

My apartment is very nice. I'm currently rooming with a guy from North Carolina, and we each have our own room and our own bathroom. In addition we've a huge kitchen, living room, dining room and spare office/bedroom too. so it is very comfortable place to live.  We are smack in the middle of downtown, so we can walk to most places, but we have to drive to the stadium and the gym. My exact location is the town of Mönchengladbach which I guess is just a small little city so it's relatively quiet and laid back.  Next week some of the players are going to start taking us out and showing us other places to go out in the city.

Football wise..the level of competition is competitive though I expected a higher level.  I pretty much just get to run around and do whatever. It's fun to just be out here playing. I have some things I have to do like when I blitz and some pass coverage, but besides that I just get to run after the guy with the ball. We have a preseason game later this weekend and our opponent is supposed to be one of the better teams in the league so I'll really be able to gauge that competition at that point.  Hope everyone is doing well back home.  More to come later!