The purpose of UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE's licensing program is to ensure that UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE's brand identity is properly represented on products and services marketed to the both the University of La Verne community and the public. The licensing program is responsible for determining if a product and/or design are consistent with the goals and image of UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE. The program also ensures the quality, content, production and distribution of products meets UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE 's standards.

UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE has contracted with Strategic Marketing Affiliates (“SMA”) to help improve its licensing program. SMA acts as an intermediary for UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE, enabling it to work directly with manufacturers and retailers. This ensures that decisions can be made promptly and that manufacturers can become licensed with the University of La Verne in a timely manner. 

In order to produce products bearing the marks of UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE, manufacturers and vendors must be a licensee of UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE. For more information on becoming a UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE Licensee or on the services SMA provides, including a copy of the application and license agreement, visit Strategic Marketing Affiliates. Becoming a licensee is typically a quick process (10-14 days) once SMA receives the necessary requirements.

List of SMA-approved Licensees

La Verne Athletics Style Guide and Color Sheet